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Same or next day appointments available with a board certified dermatologist

At Meridian Dermatology, we are ready to take care of all of your skin care needs. Dr. Harris treats all the common conditions such as acne and warts. He is also skilled in managing rare and complex medical skin issues as well. Below are several of the most common conditions treated. 

Patient with severe acne on her face


About 85% of people experience acne at some point, including as adults. Lack of treatment can lead to scarring, embarrassment, and lack of confidence. Many effective treatments are available.

Patient with severe redness and rosacea on her face


Rosacea appears as excess redness of the face and sometimes acne-type bumps. There can be many triggers for rosacea and effective treatments are available.

Severe rash or eczema on the skin


Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis affects people of all ages. This red, itchy rash can greatly affect quality of life. Many treatments are available to control this chronic type of rash.

Scaly plaques of psoriasis on a patient’s elbows


Psoriasis manifests as a rash with white to silvery scale. It most commonly appears on the scalp, elbows, knees, and trunk. Several highly effective treatments are available.

Wart on a hand, finger


Warts are an extremely common growth cause by the HPV virus. Many treatments are available to help rid your body of these unsightly growths.

Bumps called molluscum growing on a child’s abdomen


Molluscum is mostly found in kids. It is caused by a virus and most people will have them at some point. Treatments are available to help clear these contagious growths.

A women with thinning hair or hair loss (alopecia) of the scalp

Hair Loss

Hair loss is an extremely common problem affecting men and women. There can be many causes of hair loss and proper evaluation is necessary to determine the right treatment to restore your hair.

Foot with nail with nail disease or nail fungus

Nail Disorders

Nail abnormalities can be due to a variety of issues including infections or other skin disorders such as psoriasis. Proper evaluation will help determine the best treatment plan.

Skin infection, tinea or fungus on the leg of a patient

Skin Infections

There are many types of skin infections including those caused by fungus, bacteria, or even viruses. Proper evaluation will determine the best treatment plan.

Medical Dermatology

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